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Socket Fusion Kits with McElroy Parts

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Socket fusion welding is a common technique for manufacturing and assembling plastic piping systems (such as HDPE and polypropylene pipes) utilizing injection molded techniques. The process consists primarily of a heating phase, followed by a cooling and welding phase. Socket fusion can be done by hand or via McElroy fusion parts, depending on the size of the pipe. 

McElroy socket fusion kits make the process of installing pipe diameter fittings (sizes 16mm to 125mm) hassle-free. Our tools are made specifically for socket fusion of all major brands of polypropylene pipes and fittings. Our kits offer convenience for not only heaters but socket adapters as well and allow you the ability to access the components you need to successfully complete your socket fusion job. All of our McElroy parts for socket fusion meet ISO 15874, DIN 16962, and DIN 8077 pipes and fittings specifications.

The 20-63 MM Polypropylene Socket Fusion Kit/120V and the 20-63MM Polypropylene Socket Fusion, Kit/240V kits come with a 16-63mm socket heater, a 20-63mm adapter kit, depth gauge tool, Allen driver, adapter tray, heater sling, bench mount, and support frame. We also carry a P.P. 20-125mm SKT ADPTR Kit/Box for socket fusion.

If you want quality guaranteed, visit us online. Our extensive experience with fusion equipment allows us to service our clients with fast, quality service at competitive prices. Matched with unparalleled support, our trained technicians know the industry inside and out, so you will always have the best service possible. To learn more about the McElroy initiative or to explore more of our fusion parts, please visit us online

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