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Hands-on Training Through McElroy University

McElroy fusion parts McElroy Parts

Since the early 1960s, McElroy Parts has made its mark globally as a leader in manufacturing and engineering. With markets across India, Australia, Russia, Brazil, and the United States, McElroy is making its mark on history with innovation and revolutionary products. Our mission is to be both growth and profit-orientated while being dedicated to our community and our employees, as well as our customers. We are committed to providing innovative products of the highest quality, holding teamwork, accountability, integrity, and a desire to improve above all else. 

One of the ways we do that is through McElroy University Training. For over 39 years, McElroy has been the sole pipe fusion machine manufacturer to offer intricate training continuously. Our course offering aims to enhance efficiency, productivity, and safety for the proper use of McElroy machines. Classes are set up, so skills are learned through the machines used in class, closely resembling machines on job sites. 

McElroy University teaches proper machine operations and procedures directly from the global leader in thermoplastic pipe fusion. Students' hands-on experience gives them the confidence they need to achieve success - written and hands-on tests to demonstrate their understanding of content learned to ensure they have complete understanding of machinery.

Our students stand out from the competition. We teach them common industry standards, safety protocol, and the intricate details of using McElroy fusion parts that you cannot find anywhere else. 

Courses include small, medium, and large diameter for underground/construction, auto machines for underground/construction, fusion inspector for underground/construction, socket and butt fusion for HVAC, mechanical, and plumbing, as well as custom training for specialized situations.

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