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Manual Polyethylene Machines

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Polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer that contains a variable crystalline structure and includes a wide variety of applications. It is among the most commonly used and produced plastics globally - tens of millions of tons are produced annually. Polyethylene is an excellent material for machinery and makes for durable, long-lasting, manual polyethylene machines like the ones from McElroy Parts

McElroy's 2LC fusion machine allows a semi-automatic locking cam (LC) system to keep up force in cooling cycling. Incorporating McElroy's patented Centerline Guidance System, it can fuse tees, ells, and more with ease. This machine is made of surface-hardened aluminum that keeps it lightweight and durable, with multiple serrations on the jaws and inserts, allowing maximum grip.

The 1 LC Fusion Machine, the alternative to the Mini-MC, enables users a more conventional style of operation while still keeping up with all the best features from the 2LC. Its heater is made to locate on the guide the rods of the unit, and its compact design makes it one of the most ideal McElroy Fusion Parts for fusing in tight spaces. 

The 2 combination unit (CU) fusion machine combines butt fuse pipe, tees, ells, and the McElroy patented sidewall feature. The sidewall clamps with the chain vise easily attach the unit to the centerline of pipe mains for sidewalls fusions of .5" to 2" service saddles, small tapping tees, and round base branch saddles. McElroy's 2CU has chain lengths that allow clamps of up to 8" on IPS pipes - lengths may be added on for larger main sizes. 

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