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Pipe Safety Tips

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Fusions can be simple or complex depending on the part and the job. No matter the length or difficulty of the project, operators should always practice safety and be aware of all guidelines. Operator safety and the safety of others on the job site, are dependent on operator attention and care. Fusion machines should only be operated after each operator has taken the time to carefully read the manual and instructions, along with safety guidelines, or taken classes where needed. Aside from a basic level of caution, there are a few additional ways to increase job site safety. 

Choose a safe staging area for pipe fusion. The site should be clear of vehicles and pedestrians. Avoid overhead hazards. 

Personal safety equipment is a must. Operators should always wear protective gear such as boots and hard hats. Gloves should also be worn, especially when handling blades or heat. Protective eyewear will ensure the eyes are kept safe in a construction zone. Do not wear jewelry or loose-fitting clothes, and if you have long hair, be sure to tie it back so that it does not block vision or get caught in anything.

Prior to operating McElroy parts, ensure equipment is working correctly. Run tests and check maintenance requirements often. If repairs need to be made, do not operate until they are finished. 

When removing pipes or putting them into place, use the proper lifting slides and pulling heads, or other equipment. Ensure the area is clear except for essential personnel.

For more safety tips, machinery tips, and McElroy fusion parts, visit McElroy Parts online. 

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