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Superior Butt Fusion Joints with the McElroy Acrobat™

McElroy Acrobat McElroy Parts


If you have been on the hunt for an affordable yet dependable solution to successfully perform butt fusion joints in polyethylene pipes and fittings, your search ends here. Introducing the McElroy Acrobat™ machine—a compact, lightweight fusion appliance that offers a superior level of fusion functionality without compromising on efficiency. Available in three sizes from 2” IPS (63mm) to 12” (315mm), the Acrobat is the go-to device even in challenging workspaces like small trenches or other constricted areas.

One of the key features that sets the McElroy Acrobat apart from its competition is its small footprint, which, when coupled with its optimal weight, makes it incredibly easy to transfer from one joint to another. This machine not only adapts swiftly to changes on the job site but also does so without the need for any additional tools. The versatile Acrobat carriages convert conveniently from 4 to 3 jaws, allowing for a more streamlined unit. The base plate can also be removed, paving the way for even more confined work areas.

But it doesn’t stop there. The McElroy Acrobat supports compatibility with two unique hydraulic power units—the lightweight Acrobat HPU that can achieve a gauge pressure of up to 400 PSI, and the more potent DynaMc® HPU that hits a whopping 1,500 PSI. These units enable the operator to set the facing, heating and fusing pressures individually, eliminating the need for adjustments between operations. Moreover, the Acrobat can function seamlessly with the DataLogger, an Android-supported tablet that tracks and documents crucial parameters of the fusion process.

In a nutshell, the McElroy Acrobat machine is your ultimate solution for carrying out butt fusion joints effectively. It is an all-in-one fusion powerhouse that combines affordability, reliability, and adaptability, making it an extremely valuable investment. 

McElroy Parts provides technically advanced, dependable, sturdy and efficient pipe fusion equipment solutions. Our versatile tools are designed to be used for just about any project and we have a team of professionals thoroughly trained in working with McElroy parts and equipment, including McElroy Certified Instructors and McElroy Certified Master Mechanics. For information on McElroy fusion parts please fill out the form on our McElroy Parts Finder page. MIMECO is an authorized distributor of McElroy products.

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