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Socket Fusion Kits from McElroy Parts

McElroy fusion parts McElroy Parts

McElroy Parts has a wide selection of socket machines, a form of polypropylene machine. We currently have three socket fusion kits available for purchase. This type of McElroy fusion part can help install fittings for pipe diameters ranging in sizes from 16mm to 125 mm. These tools socket fuse polypropylene pipes and fittings. 

Kits are great for both heathers and socket adapters, allowing you the parts you need to flawlessly perform socket fusion jobs. All McElroy socket tools are up to ISO 15874, DIN 16962, and DIN 8077 pipes and fittings specifications standards. 

The PP 120V 20-63MM SKT FUS KIT is valued at USD 583 and includes a 16 mm to 63 mm socket heater, storage box, heater sling, 20 to 63 mm socket adapter kit, socket adapter tray, heater bench mount, allen driver, heater support frame, and a depth gauge tool. All transaction fees are included. 

The PP 240V 20-63MM SKT FUS KIT is also priced at USD 583, with all transaction fees included. The kit contains a 16 to 63 mm socket heater, storage box, socket adapter tray, 20 to 63 mm socket adapter kit, heater sling, heater bench mount, heater support frame, allen driver, and a depth gauge tool. 

A separate PP 20-125MM SKT ADPTR KIT/BOX is available for purchase for USD 1,115, including transaction fees. 

Interested in special pricing? Call McElroy Parts at 305.859.4649. All orders must be over a $50 minimum to process. For email support, contact We are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST. 

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