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Training With McElroy Parts

McElroy Fusion Machine Parts McElroy Parts

McElroy Parts is a leader in comprehensive training in the field. Our training helps boost productivity and efficiency while bringing attention to the essential safety procedures needed while using McElroy fusion parts. McElroy training is designed so that our students will learn on and with the same machines used in the field. 

This allows for the needed skills to operate advanced technology, knowledge of necessary safety procedures, optimal performance, and extensive knowledge. McElroy instructors have spent years working on various job sites and have incredible knowledge they are ready to share with their students. 

Trainees will learn from industry professionals who have extensive experience and remain on top of industry developments and trends. Trainees will receive extensive experience, learning hands-on, allowing them to build their knowledge of the industry and excel at their jobs. 

Once completed (trainees are required to successfully demonstrate they are able to work with equipment safely and effectively), trainees will have a deep understanding of industry standards, machine operation procedures, safety measures, and more. 

Current course offerings include:

  • Small DIameter Operation: covers size 16mm to 180 mm and socket and saddle fusions, along with hot tap

  • Medium Diameter Operations: covers sizes 63mm to 500mm and the TracStar® machines

  • Large Diameter Operations: covers sizes 225mm to 1600mm and the MegaMc® machines

  • Fusion Inspector: covers critical fusion theory and fusions, designed for polyethylene welding inspectors

Interested in learning from McElroy Parts? Visit us online to view our complete course schedule and learn how you can sign up. You can also give us a call at 305.859.4649.

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