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McElroy University Offers Hands-on Training

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Whatever your interests may be, McElroy University provides the training to meet your needs. Class schedules until mid-April are currently in place, with more to come.

McElroy University has been the gold standard for pipe fusion equipment operation and maintenance training for almost 40 years. The courses at McElroy University are designed to ensure that operators, technicians, inspectors and engineers are ready for the work ahead. Every course is designed to present topics and recreate situations that students will face on a pipe fusion jobsite.

McElroy University online courses include easy-to-follow, immersive modules. In-person classes include time for hands-on training with typical fusion equipment to ensure students are comfortable and proficient. Courses are designed and taught by McElroy-certified instructors in Tulsa and throughout the world. Students who complete both a written and a hands-on test for operator qualification training obtain an industry-recognized qualification credential that is valid for two years. Current class offerings include requalification for small, medium and large diameter fusion, as well as qualification for saddle, socket, manual butt, medium diameter hydraulic butt and large diameter fusion. 

When our conventional offerings don't satisfy your specific needs, McElroy University can provide customized training sessions. This personalized training is accessible in various languages and can take place in our training center (Tulsa, OK), at your location or even on the jobsite.

For safety tips, machinery tips and McElroy fusion parts, visit McElroy Parts online. 

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