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How McElroy's DataLogger® is Changing Job Sites

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Better record-keeping and a growing amount of accountability are increasing drastically for those who build and manage vital pipeline infrastructures. New standards have been put into place to ensure the accurate and efficient collection of data from plastic pipe fusions. Through McElroy Parts' DataLogger®, achieving these requirements is simple and quick. It offers the ability to retain the most valuable information on fusion operation and allows for improved traceability and quality assurance that pipelines were fused how they were designed to and can be relied upon. 

Through the DataLogger®, one of McElroy Fusion Parts' most highly sought after products, you can scale the entire fusion operation:

  • Record the fusion process on almost all McElroy machines, including the hydraulic fusion machines, manual fusion machines, sidewall fusion machines, and miter fusion machines.

  • Document important details from the job site, including operator and machine information, GPS locations, and pressure tests.

  • Through McElroy Optimized Cooling™, less time is entered on cooling cycles within the fusion joints, drastically reducing wait time and increasing productivity, all the while remaining F2620 compliant. 

  • Get results in real-time for monitoring joint integrity during the lifecycle of the fusion process, including graphs that are easy to read. 

The DataLogger® has a 21 watt-hour battery life and a removable 43.2 watt-hour second battery that can last an entire workday when on a project. It also comes with a microSD card that will automatically back up data, so even if unexpected damage occurs, reports and crucial data will not get lost. 

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