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The Future Is the McElroy iSeries

McElroy Parts

McElroy recently launched the iSeries, the next generation of its TracStar® range of versatile machinery equipment.

The TracStar iSeries is the market pioneer in pipe fusion performance and dependability. The TracStar's latest generation builds on the TracStar's legacy as a tough, self-contained tracked vehicle while still integrating industry-leading technology for a better user experience. Several improvements have been made to the available technology while also hardening them to improve the security of the fusion experience. The iSeries includes new emission-compliant motors, CAN bus control, and other hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical upgrades. Incorporated, software-controlled system options encompassing manual to fully automatic improved operator performance and adherence to requirements are all part of the improved iSeries.

The TracStar iSeries has a built-in DataLogger tablet that serves as an operator input machine while also recording the entire fusion operation. Stay on top of critical info regarding the fusion process and jobsite, including operator data, device information, GPS coordinates, and more, while following standards when it comes to fusion joint integrity.

The iSeries machines' revamped cowling addresses a common field request: fusing wide tees and elbows without dividing the carriage from the engine. The vehicle's most recent two-step architecture also helps the driver to do so while being strong enough to support the weight of hefty fittings.

A new Controller Area Network (CAN) bus system and Power Control Module (PCM) enable machine units to communicate about heater control, carriage pressure and position, and other things. A touchscreen dashboard provides real-time device data as well as activity and diagnostic info.

Both iSeries machines now have smart keypads on their manual hydraulic valves, which have better feedback. As certain tasks are needed, these keypads aid users in the fusion phase by displaying dynamic colors. The hydraulic valves and knobs have been replaced with fresh paddle levers, allowing for more direct control of the indexer and carriage.

We're excited about this new TracStar evolution as your McElroy Parts source, and we're looking forward to supplying our clients with the increased strength of the iSeries. We'll keep you updated as things advance.

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