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McElroy DataLogger Provides Even Better Backup Features

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Have you added the DataLogger by McElroy to your arsenal of fusion tools yet? This durable tablet is a versatile tool that includes functionality such as cloud storage to keep track of critical joint fusion details in an all-in-one solution. Thanks to ongoing feature updates, McElroy is still enhancing the tablet, and one of the newest offers the peace of mind of enhanced backup.

Should something go awry while you’re on a job, the McElroy Vault™ feature already ensures your important fusion records are backed up. However, you now have another way to assure that these vital documents are secure when necessary with the 1.16 device upgrade, and to take advantage of these features you’ll simply need a standard Micro SD card.

It is easy to allow a Micro SD card in the DataLogger. After you have inserted a card into your DataLogger, simply go to the System portion of the Settings menu, pick SD Card Status, click the System Settings button, and then click Yes to access System Settings when the prompt appears.

Scroll down and pick Erase USB/SD card storage while you're on the Storage settings page, proceed as the instructions say, and the SD card will be all set to back up your fusion data.

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