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Fusion Welding 101

McElroy Fusion Machine Parts McElroy Parts

If you’re on the McElroy Parts website, you already have a good idea about the pipe fusion welding process. In case you’re just getting started, let’s explain the process a little more to provide a better understanding of how the McElroy machines operate.

Fusion welding is a general term for welding processes that use melting as part of the combination of materials with related melting points and composition. Likewise, heat fusion joining is a broad umbrella term for pipes and pipe fittings that involves particular procedures and methods like electrofusion, butt fusion, socket fusion, and so on.

For pipe fusion welding, there are many different methods, each with specific uses. Usually, two pieces of plastic (pipes/fitting) are welded or joined using heat. Depending on the type of material used, heating and welding times will vary, which means that a PE pipe will have a distinct heating time versus HDPE. Pipe size is a factor as well. From small single home plastic pipelines to transnational pipe systems, the application range is extensive.

McElroy Parts provides technically advanced, dependable, sturdy, and efficient pipe fusion equipment solutions. Our versatile tools are designed to be used for just about any project and we have a team of professionals thoroughly trained in working with McElroy parts and equipment, including McElroy Certified Instructors and McElroy Certified Master Mechanics. For more information on McElroy fusion machine parts please fill out the form on our McElroy Parts Finder page.

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