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Acrobat™ 180

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The Acrobat™ 180 is a versatile machine designed for butt fusion of 63mm to 180mm (2” IPS to 6” DIPS) pipe and fittings. The machine offers consistent butt fusion joints — providing a cost-effective alternative to electro-fusion — in an economical, reliable package. 

This package is available with either the Acrobat HPU or the DynaMc HPU.  The Acrobat HPU is the lighter weight option (56 lbs.), with a maximum available pressure of 800 psi.  The DynaMc is still compact, but considerably heavier at 115 lbs.  The DynaMc HPU is capable of producing a 1500 psi gauge pressure.

If you have any questions about which machine is right for you, please contact us!


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