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McElroy parts continues to be a leader in providing advanced, comprehensive training. This training is designed to boost productivity and efficiency while focusing on important essentials, including the proper safety procedures when operating McElroy parts machinery. McElroy part's training is structured so that individuals work with the same machines that are utilized at job sites while receiving the necessary skills to ensure optimum performance and knowledge while on the job. Our instructors have spent years working on pipelining job sites and have a wealth of knowledge to share with trainees.

With McElroy parts, trainees can rest assured that they are learning from industry professionals who continually remain on top of the latest industry standards and developments. Trainees receive extensive hands-on experience to help them build confidence and perform exceptionally at their job. Upon successfully completing training after demonstrating the ability to work with the equipment in a safe and correct manner, the individual will have a broad understanding of essential industry standards, machine operation procedures, proper safety measures, and more. 

How it Works

We take the  guessing work out of setting up your next training session. Simply review the available courses below and choose the course that's right for you. Add it to your cart and simply checkout. Once your order has processed, one of our training specialist will contact you to schedule your course date. It's that simple. Check out our available courses now. 

Available Courses

Note: All courses include "Testing Methods". Custom courses are also available.