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20" OD - 65" OD (500mm - 1600mm)

The In-Ditch 1600 brings butt fusion capability to jobs fusing large-diameter pipe, fitting and flanges in very tight work spaces. It was designed as an ideal machine for tie-in fusions and a cost-effective alternative to electrofusion, which requires the purchase of additional fittings.

The In-Ditch 1600 features a compact, two-jaw carriage with a top-loading heater and facer for greater flexibility in confining areas. The carriage has the same 30,000 pounds of clamping force per jaw as the MegaMc® 1600. With a 3,000 psi maximum pressure range, the In-Ditch 1600 can fuse onto 15” of exposed pipe, providing maximum versatility in close quarters with minimal excavation required.