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The Spider™ 125: The Perfect Tool for Quick and Accurate Socket Fusion

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For those in the HVAC, mechanical and plumbing industries, the Spider™ 125 is the perfect tool for quick and accurate socket fusion of polypropylene piping systems. Weighing only 18 pounds and with a small footprint, this innovative machine was designed specifically to tackle the unique challenges of indoor installations in tight spaces like walls, ceilings, floors, attics, crawl spaces, and rooftops.

The Spider 125 Series 2 features redesigned jaws that help to maintain the roundness of the pipe and ensure an even fusion, as well as a removable fitting support bar that secures the fitting in place. The Spider 125 requires only a one-man crew to perform socket fusions, saving time and money and freeing up manpower for other jobsite tasks.

The Spider 125 is compatible with a variety of polypropylene pipe and fittings, including PP-R and PP-RCT. These materials provide leak-free, corrosion-free pipe systems that are reliable and long-lasting. The non-back-drivable gearing self-locks and applies pressure to the socket fusion process to create a quality joint.

For those looking for an efficient and reliable solution for indoor pipe installations, the Spider 125 is the perfect choice. Its innovative design and powerful features make it the preferred equipment on job sites. With the Spider 125, you can trust that your installations will be quick and accurate.

McElroy Parts provides technically advanced, dependable, sturdy and efficient pipe fusion equipment solutions. Our versatile tools are designed to be used for just about any project and we have a team of professionals thoroughly trained in working with McElroy parts and equipment, including McElroy Certified Instructors and McElroy Certified Master Mechanics. For information on McElroy fusion parts please fill out the form on our McElroy Parts Finder page. MimeCo is an authorized distributor of McElroy products.

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