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Socket Fusion with McElroy Tools

The McElroy Socket Fusion Kits found on the McElroy Parts website are suitable for mounting fittings as small as 16 mm or as wide as 125 mm for pipe diameters. Such tools are specifically equipped for socket fusing the polypropylene pipe and fittings for all major brands. Such convenient kits for both heaters and socket adapters supply you with the resources necessary to complete your socket fusion job promptly. The McElroy Socket Tooling follows the standards for pipes and fittings of ISO 15874, DIN 16962, and DIN 8077.

The Spider 125 is able to provide an easily accurate socket fusion of polypropylene fittings and pipe up to 125 mm once you’ve determined the correct socket fusion kits. The machine is designed to be compact, and a single person with experience in aligning, heating, fusing, and pipe cooling is required to use it, allowing the rest of the team to focus on other important tasks. Since the machine is compact and lightweight, the Spider 125 can perform socket fusions expeditiously either vertically, overhead or in spaces where there is not much room.

Have you any concerns about socket fusion, socket fusion kits, or how the Spider 125 will help you with the needs of your socket fusion? We will be happy to help you make an educated buying decision.

McElroy Parts provides technically advanced, dependable, sturdy, and efficient pipe fusion equipment solutions. Our versatile tools are designed to be used for just about any project and we have a team of professionals thoroughly trained in working with McElroy parts and equipment, including McElroy Certified Instructors and McElroy Certified Master Mechanics. For information on McElroy fusion machine parts please fill out the form on our McElroy Parts Finder page

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