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Improve Productivity with the McElroy Hornet

One of the latest McElroy products we are pleased to present to our esteemed customers represents another first for the company that continues to be a leader in industrial equipment. The McElroy Hornet Fusion Machine is an all-in-one solution for polypropylene outlet fusion.

The Hornet is a powerful tool that works perfectly as an alternative to manual outlet fusion methods, resulting in dramatically improved repeatability, productivity, and reliability. It features a unique design that allows for self-aligning on the center of the pipe while a guided carriage facilitates the drilling of the outlet hole and fitting fusion. With this innovative setup, operators can achieve perfect alignment with requiring the repositioning of the Hornet.

Despite being a powerful tool, the Hornet allows for great portability, weighing a mere thirteen pounds. It can work in virtually any orientation which makes it an ideal solution for tight spaces where vertical or overhead fusions may be involved. It works with existing socket heaters by McElroy as well as fusion outlet adapters for polypropylene pipe.

The Hornet Package we sell includes the fusion machine, ratchet straps, carrying case, adapters, and more.

McElroy Parts provides technically advanced, dependable, sturdy, and efficient pipe fusion equipment solutions. Our versatile tools are designed to be used for just about any project and we have a team of professionals thoroughly trained in working with McElroy parts and equipment, including McElroy Certified Instructors and McElroy Certified Master Mechanics. For information on McElroy fusion machine parts please fill out the form on our McElroy Parts Finder page.

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